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'The experience at 23 Albert is really something else. Marlene and her team are just delightful - they are warm, friendly, funny, and love fashion. You can tell they love what they do, it’s not a job, it’s who they are.'


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'Marlene and the girls at 23Albert are my much loved Fashion Family!


They are true professionals, beautiful people and truly understand what I love to wear and what suits me best.


My wardrobe since shopping at 23Albert  is “always on trend” beautifully coordinated creatively and very importantly is comfortable and practical for my way of life. 


I’ve never felt more confident, looked so good nor experienced this level of customer service from any other fashion retailer.  I just wouldn’t shop anywhere else!'



'I have always loved fashion and found joy in the creative outlet it has given me.   But not until I met Marlene and her beautiful angels have I ever found people and a place where the joy is always present! Marlene has opened my eyes to even more what is possible with the art that is fashion.  Her ability to curate every season combining different brands is astonishing - I have no idea how she does it other than knowing that she gets it 100% right 100% of the time! But 23Albert is about so much more than just pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories - it is all about the care, love, attention to detail and focus on each client as a person! Marlene knows exactly what every person needs and again I am in awe that she somehow remembers exactly who owns what and what new piece would go with something you bought years ago and have yourself almost forgotten about even owning!   Marlene and 23Albert sparks joy!  I've observed this time and again in how they make fashion real for their clients - knowing just what to wear for whatever occasion, event, body shape, lifestyle, age... It is magnificent! I am so grateful for Marlene and her team - they are my gurus, my friends, my confidants, my fashion inspiration!  The joy that is Marlene and 23Albert!!'


'23 Albert is much more than a luxury boutique. It’s a family of smart, sassy, and authentic women who are on a mission to make females feel empowered, beautiful, and worthy through fashion. Every collection is picked through the eyes of their customers and is underpinned by long-standing and deep relationships with the world's best brands. I have been overwhelmed by Marlene's (and her team's) generosity, flexibility, and knowledge. My wardrobe has never looked so good - thank you, Ladies!'


'23 Albert makes life a breeze. It's a complete styling experience filled with laughter, the team has been awesome in helping me dress for TV appearances, work functions (ok not that we have many of those at the moment!), special events, and holidays. I'm someone who doesn't like shopping and in the past has ended up with pieces that just don't go together which was essential for business travel!!! It's fun, stylish, curated.'



'I love going in to 23 Albert to see the friendly faces of all the girls that work there.  My experience at 23 Albert is always wonderful, as they have a beautiful and extensive array of fashion choices, from shoes to jewellery, accessories and even some magnificent candles. Marlene’s experience in the fashion world is evident and she often gets me to try things that I would not usually gravitate towards but because of her expertise, it looks unexpectedly fabulous.'


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'My first shopping experience at 23 Albert was in Freshwater but since opening the Manly store it would seem I am in there every other day. I love the whole experience from the professional and passionate staff and Marlene has the ability to put an outfit together which is just right. I have bought several items as I just love everything in the store! Big statement I know, but it’s true. It truly is a fun experience at 23 Albert.'


'I love shopping at 23 Albert!!!! Marlene and the girls make every experience at 23 Albert an amazing one. Their passion for fashion always shines and they mix and match pieces to create everyday outfits and show you how to integrate them seamlessly into your current wardrobe. I don’t feel like a customer at 23 Albert more a friend/girlfriend/part of a family.'


'Stepping into 23Albert brightens my day, no matter if I walk out with a new treasure or not. Warmth, care, hospitality, and uplifting conversation, and exceptional assistance are offered at 23Albert each and every time, - let’s not even mention the outstanding range on display. 23Albert manages to gather and present the finest the global fashion world has to offer. Shopping at 23Albert is pure joy.'



'23ALBERT for me is like the fashion world’s equivalent of Disneyland. It definitely ticks all the boxes of a high-end fashion boutique – beautiful clothes and fashion accessories, fashion labels that you would otherwise have to travel the world to experience, and an offering of products that fit all shapes and budgets. But beyond this, what constantly brings me back to 23ALBERT time and time again are the wonderful sales consultants led by owner Marlene. Beautiful women who are not only brilliant at finding you the perfect dress or pair of shoes but who treat you like a friend. Not only they will happily dedicate themselves to creating a top to toe perfect outfit for you, but will

also take the time to ask after your children, enquire about your recent holiday. They will remember what you purchased the last time you shopped there so they can then find you that perfect jacket or bag that will work into your existing wardrobe. It’s not just about selling you the latest fashion trends. They help you invest in a wardrobe that transcends seasons and makes you feel amazing. Walking into 23ALBERT’s new store in Manly feels like stepping into a luxury boutique in London or Paris. And yet each time I leave 23ALBERT with my shopping bags I feel like a kid who has just been to the Easter Show with her mates and can’t wait to get home and dig into her show bags.'


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'I have always loved fashion. Since discovering 23Albert I have had so much more fun with fashion. Marlene with her personal styling skills and her dedicated team of fashionistas have challenged my approach to dressing. They have taught me how to mix colours, patterns and textures. How to combine something simple or plain with one fabulous piece so the whole look is stunning.'


'23ALBERT encapsulates everything I have been looking for in a shopping experience. I wanted outfits at the ready for a variety of events, as well as for day to day life. I wanted someone to take an interest in what actually suited me, to remember what other items I had in my wardrobe, and to give me fresh inspiration on ‘my look’. And boy do the team at 23 deliver, time and time again!'


'Shopping at 23 Albert is like shopping with your most stylish girlfriends. They get to know you and your style and take the pain out of shopping blind. Whether I am after something special or just a little pick me up, I always end up at 23 Albert and am welcomed like a friend. Marlene and the girls make you feel special and stylish and that is the 23 Albert experience.'


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'23 Albert is the BOMB!! The one-stop shop for everything you could EVER need in fashion (and friendship).


Marlene and her Team are just fabulous!  There are always new items, plus all the staples, and a team to help you style the lot. Truly a godsend for any woman who wants beautiful pieces, or just lovely basics. ALWAYS money well spent.


I know it is the ONE place I can go to get amazing clothes, service, and I can walk away every time feeling radiant! Thank you 23 Albert xxx'


'I love walking into 23Albert. I always feel special and attended to by the girls.
They know me well and each visit helps me build my look with unique pieces from around the globe. Marlene is spectacular at defining a personal style and elevate an existing wardrobe. I love 23Albert, it’s my one-stop shop.'


'I have been a client of 23 Albert for 8 years when it first opened in Freshwater,

Marlene has a great eye for clothing, from great international labels to supporting Australian brands. There is always something for everyone, Marlene and her team offer a wonderful service and through the years as they have learned my style and what I like they have consistently offered me an individual and exceptional personalised service.'


23 Albert is a fun and creative place. Marlene and all the staff are so friendly and approachable. They take the time to get to know your personality to bring out your style. The shop is like a department store as there is such a diverse variety of brands and styles. There’s something for everyone for every occasion. So you can be dressed from head to toe for any event. It’s a lot of fun to just walk around and browse at your leisure or to have a bunch of looks brought to you in the dressing room. It’s a very personalised experience.


'Marlene and her beautiful team of women effortlessly ooze style. They intrinsically know what will work for you and take the time to know your own personal style.
The eclectic mix of brands that work so well together, creating the perfect outfit is what makes 23 Albert unique.

I look forward to their wonderfully styled windows and amazing Instagram stories to find what Marlene has added to the 23 Albert house and plan my next purchase!

From hats to shoes and everything else in between I truly love all my purchases. Every time I wear them I feel great.
Thanks 23. Here's to many more years of happy shopping x.'


'I started shopping with 23Albert about 6 years ago. They make me feel welcome every time I pop into the shop. Marlene & her team are always warm, friendly, energetic & professional. They are passionate about making me look & feel special in the clothes they help me choose. I love being a part of the 23Albert family, it’s amazing.'


'I was driving through Manly the other day with Mum, and was chatting about a recent shopping experience.

By in large shopping experiences don’t stand out. This one did.

A close friend wanted to update her wardrobe and the brief was ‘wearable and sexy’

Left to her own shopping devices she would have ended up with a white tee and jeans. Nothing wrong with this but sometimes you need a gentle nudge to be elevated out of your shopping comfort zone. So, I put in a call to the shop with the lot. The clothes, the staff, the atmosphere, the passion for fashion, and the sisterhood.

When we arrived clothes had been pulled from the racks and the brief had been nailed. 

Everything was wearable, sexy, on-trend, and cohesive.

Shopping is shopping but being able to create an atmosphere of comfort, support, fun, and sisterhood whilst shopping take a dedicated team approach and a leader who cares.

This shop was 23Albert.

This experience resonated.'


'Let’s be honest, most shopping experiences are conducted inside malls where hours can slip by as you sift through brands searching for those key pieces you hope will express your individual style.  After a day shopping like this, it’s easy to walk away with either empty hands, or empty pockets and bags filled with disconnected clothes that you wished you’d never bought.


In contrast, 23 Albert is a boutique that turns shopping into an art form.  Some of the most interesting, chic and fun, local and global designers have been curated turning this little gem into a one-stop destination.  I’ve walked in with a list, and left with a few key pieces that have not only transformed my wardrobe, often across seasons but with clothes that help me to express who I am.'


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