The 23 Albert Wardrobe Cleanse draws on the precise science of editing, recycling, prioritising and reorganising the clothes you have, in order to bring new clarity to your wardrobe. For those who have lost control of their wardrobes, or who are overwhelmed by choice every morning, Wardrobe Cleanse will whip a wardrobe into shape, leaving it organized and logically arranged, to make dressing fun and inspiring, every day.

As part of this service, 23 Albert is proud to support the Fitted for Work charity.

To book a half or full-day Wardrobe Cleanse with Marlene, please contact her at the store on +61 2 9905 2888 or email her directly at:



23 Albert also offers the ultimate opportunity for customers, who want more specific personal fashion advice, to have a private one-on-one consultation with Marlene, in a two-hour, by appointment session. Whatever the challenge, Marlene can work with you on what you need in a confidential environment, where you are the focus

If you would like to take your shopping and styling to an elevated level please contact Marlene at the store on +61 2 9905 2888 or email her directly at:



Take control of your personal style, and refine your aesthetic signature in our Style Studio. In a small group, tutorial-style format, the 23 Albert ethos of dressing creatively and effortlessly every day is brought to life, as Marlene explores the art of using key pieces as the building blocks of a strong contemporary wardrobe, and utilising them to best meet the complex needs of a modern woman in a modern world.

To register for Style Studio or to find out more, simply contact us in store on +61 2 9905 2888 or email Marlene at:



The Executive Lab Workshop Series educates women about how to use clothes to build confidence and enhance their personal and professional identities, especially as they move through important career and life transitions.

Our insights into the psychological power of refining a woman’s physical presence, as a step towards achieving success, are very much based on the belief that in life, you will be taken at your own reckoning.

Taking the art and science of intelligent dressing in the workplace into a workshop setting with other like-minded women, we will show you why clothes matter, and how to use them as legitimate strategic tools and confidence enhancers, to help you get what you want, when you want it.

To find out more about Executive Lab, email Marlene at: